Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi. I'm Dana. Nice to meet you.

“The world is a tragedy to those who feel,

but a comedy to those who think.”

Horace Walpole (English writer, connoisseur, and collector, 1717-1797)

Unfortunately, I'm a thinker and a feeler. Luckily for me, nothing is more is entertaining than tragic comedy. Granny kept it comical without the tragedy, but I gots the tragedy in spades to fuel the entire laugh factory.

I've spent enough time with Scrams (what I call the brain jedi personally and heretofore) to know that I know I know myself better than anyone else, and he agrees with me unequivocally. He said he sees that I can get by just fine on my own, by being myself and doing things the backwards fucked up way I do them, and still get the result I want -- even if it's a constipated return on my passion investment. I've often said nothing ever moves fast enough to make it into my cup of tea. He wonders how I can lose everything dearest to me and still push on without so much as stopping to wipe the snot on my sleeve. He also said that he's never had a patient quite as amazing as me (sho' 'nuff) before likening me to Henry Miller, (enter delusions of gradiosity).

After Katie and BMC hit the dirt, I was trying to explain to BMF (more on him in the next episode) what this whole blogging thing is, where I fit into the scope of it, where you all in the computer fall into the mix, how he might not actually want me to tangle him all up in it even though he claims he's cool with the 360-degree documentation of my life, and how writing it all up has been the most sublime pillar of support upon which I could have rested during these trying years and most certainly months.

I shut ye olde blogs down the night before we went out of town weekending again so I could set to cultivating my work blog. While perusing for content that I have been saving on my lappy for months, I found the results of the survey I sprung on you cats a few months ago. Then I made the mistake of reading back all of the things you told me you have learned from me since we have known one another. Oh! The tears.

In your own words, name one lesson (or more!) I have taught you.

That I have a blog addiction problem. And that I shouldn't be so insecure about my lack of education since it's not that which defines us.

how to love

You've taught me to expect at least as much from my husband as I do from myself when it comes to passion - for life, for each other, for contributing to the world. You also taught me that you can give something everything you have and still get screwed. But you can also survive losing what you never thought you'd lose and come out on the other side of it.

I think you're brave.

to pay attention to astrology

Everyone is going through some shit.

To call my mom more often... to have hooky days with my 3 year old more often

You have taught me to follow my heart and my dreams, to push for my own goals, no matter how small or large they may be. And that even if I fail, the effort is worthwhile for its own sake.

oh, so many: that love wins, if you have enough of it and hold on to it when people fail you. to dig deep and trust myself when i know i'm right. to take care of that self.

Money kills passion, fuels fear, lowers morals and morale, makes otherwise creative, strong, brilliant people stay silent when they should be at the very very least squeaking out some sort of stand.
It is really hard to see the part one plays on their own stage.
There is damage from certain falls into certain crevices from which one cannot easily recover, especially if no one listens to the echoes rising from the bottom of the deep canyon into which one fell.
Mothers, fathers, sisters and husbands can't be trusted.

Even if it doesn't work out right, you should catch your dreams and be yourself for you can be whatever you want - living honestly and not being a passionless puppet is actually the best thing one could do for himself. Even if it hurts, even if you're constantly misunderstood. You'll still have yourself.
Plus, everyone can make a difference, even if it's a small one.
Love without passion is bullshit. Life without passion is not something worth living (ok, I already knew those two but you reinforced).
Be true to yourself. Even if it gets you out of the social club. Otherwise it'll blow in your face.

To be true to yourself.

Be true to yourself and never take anything for granted.

I am currently struggling with my own family situation. I have a 4 month old and a husband that has been around these past twelve years. In reading over the years I was envious of the relationship you seemed to have with your boyband. My relationship with my husband always seemed less perfect. I have learned most relationships are not perfect(no matter how they appear)but are precious. I will give everything I have to create the best life possible for my son. But it takes BOTH people in a relationship to want that relationship to work. At some point you have to say "uncle".

Food that's not cooked with love doesn't taste good.

say what you think
you can't stop what you feel
make a difference
love big or not at all

Ok, so I started reading BMC because of the baking, honestly. I think I followed in from Cynical Dad or GGC. Over the last couple of years, I think I've mostly felt like I'm not alone in trying to keep my basket together while pursuing my dreams. I guess I don't know if that's something you've taught me, exactly, but more that I've felt empathy from you, all the way in Chicago, even if I've never commented or blogged or whatnot.

I wouldn't say I'm always on board with you 100%, or even 80%, but I don't know if I'm on board with anyone that much. That doesn't always matter.

When the cafe closed, my heart sort of broke for you, and I'm a jaded ass law student. Partially, I think, because it scared me about dreams, and putting myself out there etc. At the same time, I remember what you were like before the cafe. I guess it's sort of reminded me about mourning periods. I had this friend in college who alleged that it always took at least 1/2 the time of a relationship to be able to move past the break up. I think it's sort of like that.

Ok, so I've rambled and not answered the question at all. Sorry about that.

I am amazed at your resilience and your frank openness. I feel like you let me know the authentic you (god that sounds like dr. phil) and that is so fucking refreshing it makes me want to be your friend. And I am too far away for that. So, instead, I just read about your life and wish I could share mine with you. I can't, since you don't know me and frankly don't care. But I have used you as an inspiration and/or kick in the ass this year. I have been more honest and frank and open with everyone around me and I could not be happier because of it. By happy, I mean that I am not hiding anything. Doesn't mean I am chipper all of the time.

I don't know the details of your marriage difficulties, but you have made me think/do more about keeping the connection alive in my own marriage.

I think I'm reminded that the most important elements of happiness are the simplest--food, our kids, our friends. Also, I feel like you've validated the fact that I've always argued my husband out of taking jobs that require extensive travel and would result in his ego being too big for the Milky Way. We both work, we're both good at what we do, but our kid comes first, and we have to be physically present every day to make that happen in our little corner of the world.

(1) I think it's really easy to call different crazy. And once you get that moniker, it's really easy for others to throw you away. So you need to decide: what do I value more, being different, or being "kept" (i.e., not thrown away).

(2) There is a reason they're called "impossible" dreams. And the failure of imagination IS with everyone else, not you. But this lack of imagination... it's not really a flaw, it's survival. I think maybe you don't have the most finely honed survival instincts. And that you tried to make up for that by surrounding yourself with those who do. But the internal conflict was ultimately unsustainable.

(3) You break my heart, you really do.

1. Love & feel more, not less.
2. I am not the only one who is turned off by people who are not passionate & am not weird for feeling that way.

How strong your spirit is, how fiercely you love your children (and it has made me see that in myself)

I admire the hell out of how you keep going. I admire the hell out of how you are not afraid to look into the dark or into the mirror to see what you need to do.

You have taught me that everything truly is temporary, the good and the bad.


KEEP IT COMICAL. Granny taught you and you taught us.

The very first post I read of yours is somewhat blurry now, but I do remember the video of Bub in a jumper/bouncy seat that attached to your doorway. I feel like such an asshole for not sending you an email officially introducing myself a few years back. So, I hope you do not mind if I take this chance to do that. HI, I'm Jemma. I am 29 years old and kind of a random, complicated person. I am a Mum to two boys.

I can say that the first lesson I learned from you was how to be a friend . I read all of your adventures with Rebecca, and I envied the two of you together. To me you were an example of how you just need to be yourself with your girlfriends, and that it is fucked up to try to be just like someone else is on the outside for them to like you, and be interested in you. A real connection is not based off of that. I guess I need to explain this, and I will try the best I can. I like to say Vagina, Fuck, and so on and so forth. You say you're Mormon, it's against your religion, but you love ME for ME anyway? Let's be friends.

Recent lessons learned: I also agree with EVERY word you said about Momversation and BlogHer. I have a private blog, but I am not a talented writer, and not even close to trying to get recognition for documenting my life. I do read plenty of monetized blogs, though, and have wondered what thought process went into connecting with me and influencing me. For example, I was right there with you in wondering why Christina Aguillera was being plugged for Target in Momversation's beginning. I never bothered to say anything, because I felt it would fall on deaf ears.

Another unknown, by you, fact about me: My Dad is big giant asshole, who cannot admit what a fucked up parent he was. I will never, ever not love my Grandma, though, who did nothing about it. I miss her,and love her,too. No matter how fucked up her child was, and is. Maybe you can relate?

Other lessons: Marijuana is not evil.

It is important to take as many videos of your kids as possible, because our children are Genius.

And many, many more.

That you can come from completely different backgrounds but still end up with similarities. I grew up an only child in a lower-middle class family on the west coast. Really smart like you, but I had/have absolutely NO drive. And yet, I feel like I'm a similar spot to you at the moment, where I don't know what I should be or how I got here, or how to get out.

life sucks for everyone now and then

Fight man. Fight hard for those you love.

This past year has been the hardest of my life, no joke. Lost my job, lost my marriage, lost my mojo, damn near lost my mind at times. But when it came time to write my resolutions for 2009, the two words I wrote down in big black thick sharpie letters were ones I learned from you: FAIL HARDER.

I have always been afraid of failing. Always. But you taught me that out of our failures come our greatest successes.

To keep it comical! Now when I feel that my head is about ready to explode from all of the stress around me, this little voice inside of my head tells me to "keep it comical" and I can't help but start to smile. Dana, we've never met, but you've become a part of my life - first through BMC and now through Katie. My heart aches for the pain that you are going through, but I can't wait to read on and hear how you are going to prevail over all of this.

Be yourself

To live my life.

That as a childless newly married- having kids doesn't need to be dull and unfulfilling and turn you into the annoying self righteous bitches my friends are turning into. that it can be incredibly cool- kinda what i want to be in a few years (maybe?!)

To believe in my feelings like I have never believed in them before - so few people out there validating who you are (I am). Recognizing your feelings is the most important piece - as my therapist has told me - our true feelings (Sadness, loss, disgust) are our bodies/mind's way of informing us what is really going on! Anger not so much - but it is usually the whistle on the kettle that something is brewing.

follow your passion (but be careful!)

That nothing is ever for certain.

1) Don't react in haste.
2) When you have passion for something, you are willing to do whatever it takes.
3) Things aren't always as they seem.
4) It is of utmost importance to have more than one person in your life who believes in you and loves you unconditionally. Parents need to give that to their children.

enjoy the time I have with my kids.

That despite what everyone around you says, you need to and must be true to yourself. And don't forget that you are important and have value!

The most important thing you have taught me is that you can love and keep loving even when you have nothing left in you. I recently lost my grandma and I went back and re-read all of your granny posts (thank you for unlocking bmc!) and you helped me in ways I can never explain. Loss and heartache can knock you down and drag you out but the love you had for something or someone never goes away. Your memories of your granny made me smile and feel so much better about going through the grieving process. Thank you.

how things can all fall apart...but you still get up the next day

I need more passion in my life! And I need to make sure my husband keeps up with me (and keeps communicating with me). Also, I need to make sure to make time for the important relationships in my life (I love the relationship you had with your Granny).

wow. I have been reading for a few years now, and feel like I have learned lessons from you since the first day I found you. In a nutshell,
you have taught lessons about loyalty (your marriage and support of your spouse)- determination/hard work (cafe), devotion (your gran and your babies.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, but fuck all, it's got to be sincere and honest. Be who you are because that's all you have in this life. Kids rock and you can (and should) teach them to love what you love -- art, music, general merriment. You are a good friend to those who aren't full of shit. You are a good friend to Rebecca W. and I found her through you (as far as I can remember).

You have no idea what you have taught me. In all honesty, before I read BMC about 2 months ago, I saw your facebook profile and that of your husbands and thought you had the perfect life since ad school--and I was happy to see that. It made me very upset about my own life/marriage, which is in utter disarray for the second time around (divorced once already!). Your story and incredible honesty has awakened me and shaken me into total consciousness of my life and the need keep things comical and that what I am going through is normal, and that I'm not alone (how's that for a run-on?). I feel terrible for you and your family and wish you hadn't gone through all that, but I am inspired by your honesty, fearlessness and strength. Do I agree with everything you write and think? Hell no, but I listen and I respect.

to go for the whole enchilada! nothing half-assed, not for money alone, be true to yourself. find the passion in life/love/work.

Life is short, live now. Sometimes it's better to bleed and feel it just for the sake of knowing you're alive. (Oh shit, isn't that a Goo Goo dolls lyric?!)
Love and love fiercely, despite it all.

Choose Yum.

Don't be what someone else thinks you should be, keep fighting to be heard.

You have helped me to realize that I have settled for less than what I deserve, trying to work with the husband on that one.

Astrology is not stupid.
Children should be exposed to music from an early age.
It's not difficult to take your child out for pancakes (the first time I read your site, I watched a video of you and Foo in a restaurant and I was jealous because I was agoraphobic and frightened to take my first child anywhere!).

I don't know if you are a guru or a cautionary tale, Katie. I guess we will see.

That pretty lives aren't always so pretty on the inside.
That being true to yourself takes balls.
That passion matters.

You've taught me a few things (some good, some bad). A big lesson I've learned from you is to do what you love (I don't) and things will fall into place.

Pre Bub, i loved how much you loved foo. It made me realized that kind of motherly love was, in fact, posible. Around the cafe time, you were dealing with the family/ work balancing act and I was rooting for you. Alas, it didn't work out and I was sorry for that.

money kills passion

To just keep going....through shitstorms and sunshine alike. Find the funny in every little thing, even if you want to just run and hide.

I'm not a mom or married and I don't want to be either. So, baseline, we don't have those two huge things in common. But I've kept reading you because you're a friend of a friend and you once donated t-shirts to me for the NE Planned Parenthood Clinic's volunteers. I've just liked your writing for a long time. And a stranger's experience of living in the same place at the same time except in a totally different way than me. The "I'm anchovies" post helped me. Because I am too, and I often feel awful about it, but I didn't when I read that post.

It's hard to put into words. I don't want to come off as crazy or stalkerish (I've said this before in an email to you) but I feel this kindred-ness towards you. When I read some of the things you write, and the way you write them, it's as if you've taken a thought from inside my head and expressed it better than I ever thought possible. When you said "my curse in this world is that I feel everything," I cried. I feel the exact same way. I think you have taught me that it's ok to feel like I do, it's GOOD that I feel like I do, and if someone says I'm crazy or unstable or too emotional? Fuck them. It's wonderful and awful all at the same time. Sometimes I feel like it's a gift and sometimes I just want to shut it off and stop caring. You make me feel less alone in my brain.

I have learned a lot about passion from you, and about not being afraid to speak your mind or be emotional about something. I have learned about taking risks, facing failure, and facing deep loss. I have learned to expect the unexpected from your blogs.

Money kills passion, don't let life pass you by, trying to go boom commercially will only make you fail harder, love is the point of all of this, friends (real friends) are the MOST imprtant thing in the world, believing in yourself will make you keep swimming.

You've taught me to value everything because you have no clue how long you will have it. You also have taught me to keep it comical like your granny said.

Life kicks you in the teeth sometimes (or sometimes a lot) and there's never any easy answer to it.

Try more things and keep it comical.

to not be afraid to tell people how you're feeling, even if it makes you seem crazy or makes them uncomfortable.

cookies are best straight out of the oven
do not take anything for granted
keep a journal

it's a good idea not to advertise on a blog

You have taught me so much. I feel almost guilty that I have found a small bit of solace in reading Katie - not at all for what you're going through (for that I am moved to tears, and moved to disgust - not for you by all means, and I'm also tasting what you're smelling.) But there is a validation I've found in finally really embracing and accepting that there are those of us who, by our very nature, cannot survive a life without passion. It's who I am to the core - I love to death, I love with every cell, I stumble and fall so hard and so often, I cannot concede my Truth for the sake of saving face or anything else. I believe in you. Wholeheartedly. And that's helped me believe in me.

Another critical lesson you've taught me (and I'm still learning to put into practice - I'm a stubborn thing) is to keep it comical. My skin is thinner than cheap tissue paper; apparently everything I feel is magnified a millionfold compared to most. I need some generous daily injections of laughter to keep the balance, and I take myself way too seriously way too much of the time. Reading your words has taught me that it's possible to feel it all and still find the strength to laugh. Or let the laughter bring the strength. I'm still not sure quite how it works, but you work it. For that I am grateful, and still learning from you every day.

I'm not nearly as colorful a writer as you, so I can't adequately put these lessons into words. Resiliency. Humor. Passion. Voice. Things that Matter. Passion. Staying true to your core, despite the shoeprints on your face and back. Living your truth instead of just speaking it. Getting up again and laughing again. More Passion. Truth. Fire. Passion.

I can make it through anything as long as I Keep It Comical

pay attention, appreciate your kids

to live. to not be scared, to take chances even when you know you don't have a snowballs chance in hell to make it work. to love. to follow my heart. to have dreams.

The power of friendship -- yes, it is there, even though you haven't been feeling it lately. (to put it mildly)

Do it. No matter what, just go balls out.

follow your dreams and don't let anyone crush them.

Live bravely. Call a spade, a spade. Find at least one person who loves you when the whole world seems to have forgotten your greatness. Laugh more.

To keep connected to your family, no matter what. To keep things comical. Be honest.

I don't know you, you don't know me and I've spent (probably too) much time reading your blog(s) and what I see is my own reflection. Because of you I am reminded to stop, take care of myself and stop trying to be everything to everyone. I've told you that only you know your own truth and you've reminded me to apply those same words until myself. Reading you has been part of what has given me the courage to start exploring the telling of my own tale in blog form.

get back up when you get bludgeoned down!

to be a bit braver in speaking the truth and even knowing my truth

To do what you believe in.

Shit, this is hard. Your ability to chase your dreams and bring them from nothing into something has been inspiring to me. Your losses have been heartbreaking and scary. Before this shit-storm started you were pure inspiration, failed cafe and all. Now you're still inspiration, but with a dash of cautionary tale added. I don't even know what the caution is, but its there. So please, please, please keep swimming, I want so badly to see things work out for you (and for me!).

1. To go for it.
2. Nobody's perfect.
3. Things change.

Be true to yourself and try to live your dreams. STay on path to what is important.

to laugh more!

how valuable it can be to share your experiences with others

Do one thing you love today. Don't settle for anything less. Live with passion. Find what works for you. Don't give up, work through the pain.

-to love with all your heart
-to NEVER give up on what is most important to you
-that no one can succeed without making some mistakes along the way
-to say it out loud, never assume people know: you love them, hate them, need them, want them, miss them etc etc

Honesty isn't dead. There is no perfect love. A reminder to take care of myself. A reminder of how fragile our reality is. (full disclosure/an aside-- even if you did have some sort of breakdown (or are having one now), it's so. damn. common. happened to my mom when i was in high school. and lots of other folks i've known, though obviously less personally than my own mother. it can be a good thing. clears the air. resets priorities. lets you get on with life in a way that is GENUINELY LIVABLE, for you. and that is nothing but beautiful, even if it feels like hell in the moment.) also, that no one has it easy. not one, single, solitary person. even if they're gorgeous. or smart. or funny. or loved. life still doesn't feel easy.

To believe in yourself and keep fighting, and to have ambition.


I love your exuberance and passion. I also love your Granny's advice, "Keep it Calm and Cool" and its derivative, "Keep it Comical." I love them both!

You've taught me to strive to be passionate about all things in life.

have passion for what you do and who you are.

that humor and ability to laugh is tre importante. broken butt whistle is my fave thing to say, if you get it, you're in, if you look at me strangely, you'll never get me. wish i had the passion you have. cafe, cookies, family, friends... all that you put in, and still had time. impossible i say! you are someone i think i've known, or would like too. one of the only writer's i "lurk" that i actually like and commisirate with. you are a good speller, i myself, am not

The world's danger is closer than we realize.

Then to make it worse, I read a couple of your emails asking me questions, telling me not to stop writing my personal life, that you will go wherever I go, and that many of you are proud of me for very different reasons. I shared your words with BMF and he encouraged me not to give up the writing of the words, although he has never read any of them from anywhere else 'cept straight from the whorses mouth.

And then I read some more of your words in the comments of BMC and Katie and I wanted to grab Granny, pick each and every one of you up, hug you, and take you for a drink to thank you -- introduce you to the lady who reminds us all to keep it it comical. And then I was like, sheeeeet, it's the first day of my last 2-day anniversary. I ain't gots no Granny, I ain't gots no blog, I ain't gots no money. I need one or the others to survive, me thinkus. So here we go again on the great blog coaster, get on bored!

Just like Celine, I will go on, just as before but only different. BMC was a malcontent of a housewife with hopes and dreams bigger than her huzzie's earning potential and more grandiose than dank is stanky. Katie is a post-traumatic emotional smokejumper who douses flames of fury with wet blanket comedy in between regular therapy sessions. Dana, the woman hiding behind both of those personas lives somewhere within the cosmic Venn diagram overlap of those people I am sometimes -- only to reveal my incessant self.

Hi. I'm Dana, and this is my brainhole. It's my periscope into the real world where bad things can happen. I take it all in, bring it back to my kitchen, laugh at it, and then squeeze the shit out of some lemonade for our mutual refreshment. The banner up top is courtesy of Granny, in her own handwriting. The single greatest life lesson a loving lady could lend.

Let us keep it comical, my friends. We might as well laugh, because we're all dying from the tragic comedy anyway.

Thank you for reminding me that I need you.
Let's see where this take us.


tonia said...

Wonderful. Welcome home. Love the banner!

Anonymous said...

I never comment because i am totally shy and in awe of your writing, but i am so f-ing stoked to find that you will continue to write!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Micky said...

Yeeha, so glad you "could not" leave us.
You are a separate shining star in my world that I follow...a ROCK star, at that with your back up kiddos.
So thinking and thinking and thinking of you..she'll be comin' around the mountain when she comes, etc.....

Anonymous said...

Whheeeeew that was close. I thought you were gone. I was in suspense about who wrote the banner down to the end. I wish I lived in PDX. We could have a cocktail together but I have a feeling I would end up laughing it out my nose. Take care of yourself and the squids


jfo said...

You go girl. One order of lemonade for Erin and two cheers to you. Glad to see you keeping it going and hanging in there no matter how tough it gets. Sending our love and a big 'fing hug.

heather said...

Hi Dana! Welcome back again.

Cati said...

Hi Dana, nice to meet you too :)

cmcs said...

I just found you... in the weirdest way...and my heart sunk when you said you were shutting Katie down.
So happy to see this new manifestation.
You're brilliant and awesome.

Back to my hiding place behind the screen.

Christine said...

I'm so glad to see that the the conversation will continue, just in a new setting.

LaCasey said...

huzzah! so glad you are still here

eden said...

thank you! i am so grateful for your writing and the reminder to keep it comical. a perfect blog metamorphosis. so happy to be in your brainhole, it's lovely!

scarlett said...

amazing :) can't wait to read more!

Patricia in TO said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats on the new blog - love the name - so suitable and so you...

My life is pretty stable and happy at the moment but I've been there/done that so I am always happy to see someone else get to the other side successfully - as you said you are getting 'round it not over it but that'll do too. The journey is the thing not the destination.
You are top of my fav blogs folder.

Millie said...

I'm here. And I'm so glad you are. After all of these years, BMC and then Katie, I was a little surprised at how sad I was when I thought you were done. Dana, it will be good to finally meet you!

Viki said...

Well, here I am, faithfully replacing my bookmark again. LOL you change webspaces a lot, lady! I just want to keep track somewhat so I can come here to read a bit when I've got a moment, while I slurp my coffee. Thanks for keeping on blogging, keeping on keeping on, etc. You and my mom should hang out. You're of a similar caliber, sort of. As far as determination goes anyway. She bulldozed her way through nursing school after going through a nasty divorce which left her the single mother of seven bewildered kids. Just passed her boards test last week.

Anyway, thanks for writing!

Er... whatever happened with those cracks? I missed 'em again!

Beck said...

From Cookies to Katie to Comical, your evolution continues.

I think you're fucking brilliant.

Onwards and upwards xxx

Anonymous said...

you never cease to amaze. thank you for continuing to share your brilliant words with us as you paddle the waters of this crazy life. we all need to learn from each other and remind ourselves to always, always keep it comical.

Karin said...

I'm so glad to see you back in the blogosphere! Welcome to a whole new chapter. I hope this one treats you well, but no matter what I'll be along for the ride!

Tammy said...

Happy to join in on this new phase. Keep rolling, lady!

Stephanie said...

SO good to "meet" you, Dana. I've loved getting to know Katie, and now I'm eager to get to know this side of you.

Keep on keeping on, my beautiful friend.


Staci M.W. said...

Dana, I am so glad you're keeping it on....You've made such an impression that I even told my own tokey Mother about your job....And? I'll take that drink, next round on me.

Steph said...

Hi Dana. I'm Steph. I've been reading for a long time now, since BMC. I don't really know what to say here, but I like reading your blog and I admire your honesty and wit. Hi. x

Anonymous said...

thank you for laying it all out. I love your brainhole, so just keep on doing what Granny would want. you have a gift available to those lucky enough to find it.



xoxo said...

will follow you anywhere!

simone said...

i'm on bored

Minnie said...

Glad you're keeping it going.

sillypants said...

We go where you go =)

Bean said...

I shall keep reading wherever you are. :)

S said...

Right on!! Buckled in for the duration - let's go!!!

Anonymous said...

why does no one comment?

joy said...

Hi Dana!
I'm so excited to read this, excited to see what's next, thrilled to discover we're all still on this journey together.

Looking forward to all your words, like I love dipping into some Henry Miller. :)

Rock on. I'll be here.

nancy said...

Glad you're still around to follow. Rock on, Dana.

Sara said...

Love it! Totally here and supporting you. Glad you are still writing! Be well.

Heather said...


Lori said...

I just want you to know that I am so glad that you keep writing and sharing it with me..... if I had to use one word to describe you it would be 'authentic' and that is a rare, and fabulous thing in my opinion.

I wish we were friends in 'real' life.....

mama without instructions said...

yay, just yay! your resilience really is astounding.

Lindsay said...

Love you. Plain and simple. I still feel weird telling you that, considering we've never met in "real" life. Thanks for always speaking your truth (which is all our truths when you boil it down) and as I've said before - for making me feel less alone in my too-feeling heart and head. I haven't commented or emailed in awhile, but I'm still here. Sometimes it just hits home too hard and I have to duck my head. But it always hits home. Thank you for that. Granny is smiling and living through you. That's one thing I know for sure.

ms. delisha said...

At one time, I knew your sister, she turned me on to BMC. I have followed you off and on ever since.

Your BMC days saw me through childbirth, nursing, a divorce and a move to flyover country.

Your Katie days made me sad and concerned and looked through the mirror at my own transition to where I am now, and they saw me through a tumultuous change in career and life.

Now, though my time at the computer is greatly hampered by my all consuming daytime work, I look forward to seeing you at your comic, in-your-face best.