Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween, my pets.

Arrrrghh happy little pirate and his pegasus unicorn pony sister made a grand entrance at a costume party and swept the prizes. To the left of the pink pony is the straight outta project runway stylist who made the neck-down portion of the pegicorn happen -- my restauranting friend. Mad props.

Wishing you all treats, no tricks.

* * * * *

I will use a portion of my last paycheck in exchange for an appointment with my friendly neighborhood tattoo artist to finish up the work on the sparrows and pen my person with Granny's hand. My appointment is on November 11. One year from the day that love hit the dirt.

I sifted through old love letters from my grandparents to cobble together a memorial befitting our love.

Then I collected all the love letters The Manny and I traded over the past decade and set them by the fireplace so as to later cremate the memories of what was supposed to be the greatest love lie that ever was told. Reduced to ashes is about fitting. I should sprinkle them on his head.

I lost my job on Tuesday. The reasons are complex, but punctuated by my inability to show up when they expected me to in the event that The Manny suddenly needed to change his work schedule. For a change.

All tricks, no treats these days.



Staci M.W. said...

Does even sum it up?
I am the sorriest of sorries for you.
If you ever just want someone to listen who doesn't know you but via the interwebs, I am here.
Email me if need be.

big blue house said...

jesus fucking christ. you've made the damn lemonade. you've risen from the ashes. you have pulled the sword out of the stone of your old life. you've been singing in the rain...i mean storm. and you are one strong woman for it. you will come out on the other side of this thing wise beyond what you can imagine.
you can do this.
you are doing this.


Cati said...

Oh, for god's sake. Can't The Manny, for just once, stop screwing up your life? Well, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a way out. Turns out you're a survivor.

simone said...

for fuck's sake!

tonia said...

Gah. How tender is it to see a little pegasusicorn crooning about her shining stuff like that? Adorable.

Even though I'm convinced that you'll bounce back, I'm so sorry that you lost your job. I know how much you loved doing what you got paid to do.


shana said...

What a bunch of horseshit! He's just fucking up the program left and right.

desertbitch said...

OH NO. I loved that job!

write me whenever you want, girlie.
those dang kids are so cute. Mine got costume prizes this weekend, too.

desertbitch said...

OH NO. I loved that job!

write me whenever you want, girlie.
those dang kids are so cute. Mine got costume prizes this weekend, too.

korin said...

Oh my god, are you kidding? eff!!! call me bunny!

korin said...

are you kidding? eff!!! call me bunny!

mama without instructions said...

wow. unbelievably sucky. i am so sorry. hang in there. you will persevere as always.

heather said...

hated to read that, sorry :(
May the joy of your adorable little ones help overshadow that bummer.

Molly said...

arggh. single parenting is the suck. but it sounds like you are keeping it light. and there are much much worse things than having two gorgeous kids, and your sense of humor intact.. but DON'T burn the letters!? keep them (maybe not in your house) but keep them for the kids?! it's part of their history too.. i just hate the thought of burning letters.. i know it hurts right now.. but in 10 yrs you will look back and laugh, when you have your new great business/husband/house/etc.