Monday, November 9, 2009

Because I don't have any sort of television connection to the real-time outside world, I have been obsessively instant-watching television programming and films while I do chores around the house and try to get my life in order again.

I'm literally currently deeply involved with Ira Glass' This American Life television series via Showtime based on the Chicago Public Radio program. I woke up to the distress calls of a very small Bub and once my brain started thinking all of my to-dos, there was no going back to bed. There are dishes to do, lunches to prep, laundry to schlep, and groceries to properly put away. Hatchback refrigeration is an old trick of mine, but since I'm awake, I figured I could get 'er done right quick.

The first episode of the first season's series told stories about people who are restarting their lives after living full ones. I related completely with a 63-year-old woman living in a retirement community. There was a segment on Improv Everywhere and Mortified that reminded me of all the things to love and hate about life. Episode 5 is about an old man who lost his wife and hangs out in the mauseleum where she is buried. When I was in love, that idea makes perfect sense to me. Radical Honesty Brad Blanton. Episode 6. The chemical in the brain that erases memory.

The last series the people you date bring out all of your issues according to Oprah

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