Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pushin' Three

The amazingness of three years' worth of change and growth is astounding.

In his short time on this planet, Bub has become exactly the type of man his mother always wanted: self-assured, yet emo; compliant, yet unafraid to test boundaries; joyful and kind; but most especially loving. A guy any woman would be proud to love (or even marry, like I thought I had).
He was a two-month-old boobie grabber in the original shot. Now he's a three-year-old attention grabber.

And let's be clear, he's perfect. Just like his big ol' sister.
These people are my people. DNA, joie de vivre, limitless imagination, self-assurance and all.

If that much magic can happen in three little years, the next thirty should be money.

Happy New Year, my boy.

December 12.
Let us celebrate.

To three!


Bean said...

Happy Birthday Bub!

...he has the same birthday as my brother, my grandpa, and my cat. It's a good day. :)

Staci M.W. said...

Yay!! Happy Day Bubaloo!
Fine job, Dana!

Patricia in TO said...

Happy Birthday, Bub!

Sounds like he is on the road to make some woman (or man?) very happy someday.
I don't get to claim the DNA card but I'm working hard to do the same for my son.

Children absorb the joy and love around them and your two certainly have an unlimited supply of both emanating from you!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to the cutest bub around!

t said...

Time flies. Happiest of birthdays, Bub!