Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spit Fire

Hi. It's me. Coming atcha live and direct from the inside of Granny's pink bathrobe. I wear it when I REALLY need her near. It smells just like her around the neckline. Of course it will never be washed again. I can never forget her scent.

Right now I should be scrambling to pack up the last of the kidlet beach-going business that we'd need to spend a whole week south of LA. But I'm not. The Manny decided that the children are not allowed to join me on this trip, see their maternal grandmother, or enjoy a week of fun in the sun. Why? He's mad at me.

For what?


Not gonna lie, damn near kicked a puppy down the street after he threatened to haul me in front of a judge claiming contempt of court for violating a 6-month-old custody agreement that doesn't say shit about me leaving the state with the kids. That was the last thing filed with the court (in JUNE!!!) and restricts my access to the kids severely, but has been out of force for months and months and months. But go ahead, issue Amber alerts and trump up some charges -- best served cold, no?

Dirty dealings. Punishing innocents for the sins of their father.

I'm beyond hate, spite, revenge, and disgust.

Time will surely take care of those things.

But in the meantime, The Manny is a bad, bad man.

Apparently, there is also no vacation from this for me. I'll be right here, basking in the sunshine of my spotless little minds, wishing we were poolside just north of the border, cursing The Manny's filthy name and wishing ill upon him. I do have a nice hot lump of coal to cram up his posterior Christmas cavern. It's a little present from Jesus himself by way of that oversized red and white striped fictitious asshole that you've convinced my little Jewish babies exists solely to bring them presents. Bollocks!

(I hate Christmas.)

Mid-Christmas day, a day that has only ever been spent by our nuclear family sitting poolside somewhere with my mother in an expensive locale far from home ignoring Santa and Jesus and wrongfully felled trees, the babies will go back to The Manny's for a little more benign neglect whilst he works and facebooks all day ("daddy's always too busy working," says Bub). I will be spending the evening on a non-romantic date with an attractive, brilliant doctor -- an internist, no less -- in a bougie restaurant downtown discussing the merits of medicinal marijuana and rebranding the local chong movement.

Two-thousand-holy-fuck-this-was-the-worst-year-of-my-life-and-nine needs to end tout de suite. Another fortnight of it might just kill me dead.

But 2010? Oh yeah, baby. That's my jam

It's not sunny in Portland.


brigitte said...

dana -- darlin' ...... I'm sorry.

I wanted to wish you a great holiday -- even if it's just a great few hours of a holiday with the kids ..... next year is going to be stellar -- I promise you that. I hope you believe it.

so much xoxo comin' atcha from omaha....
love -- brigitte

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry he's such a dick-head.
Really looking forward to the phoenix rising though.
(newbie who is glued)

vertigob said...

Hang tough. 2009 is almost over. I am pulling for you!

Cati said...

What a shithead. Sorry for that, he should see that the kids deserve better.
I'm happy that 2009 is coming to an end too. In 2010 things can only get better. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm amazed at the way you are navigating this bullshit. It takes focus and resolve and the love of a momma to keep the big picture in sight. 2009 is looking great about now, as it's blurring in the rear view mirror. Cheers to a fresh new year on the horizon!

tonia said...

I'm so sorry your vacation got nixed. Come on, 2010.

J at said...

So sorry your sunny plans were denied. That's bullshit. Here's hoping that 2010 is a much better year for you, and for all of us.

Patricia in TO said...

My word verification is "anthorb" which I think means "another year absorbed" (or at least it should mean that!)
Yeah, it's been a shitty year for you in 2009 so 2010 HAS GOT TO BE BETTER!
My family is now half Jewish and half christian so I try to just incorporate the best of all world for my son. But a weekend poolside would work just fine for me too!

Love being sent down from Canada...

RGSMOM said...

when r things going to get better what does tbe physic say

CaliJen said...

thinking of you on this 1st day of 2010. i believe this will be the year of joy for you.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!! Where the fuckity fuck are you? Update already!! We love you and miss you. xoxoxo

S said...

It's 2010 ... where have you gone?
Peace to you ...