Friday, January 29, 2010

and i think to myself, what a wonderful girl

i worship,


S said...

She is adorable! and really! talented for her age! To remember song lyrics and stay on pitch..amazing. :)

shel said...

would it be wrong for a 30something woman to want foo as her best friend? that kid is way more mature than a lot of grown ups i know. and she can SANG! you truly must just have the best time with her and bub-alicious.

thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

oh my word... i saw finley's TWIN at my QFC in sammamish (about 20 minutes from seattle) today. poor girl, i followed her around trying to listen to the man (maybe her dad) who was with her, hoping he would say her name. i mean she was her twin!! finally, the guy said, "come on sammy, pick out a treat". then i left, sad i wasn't getting to see finley. she was so cute, her hair a mess, just darling. xoxo