Thursday, January 28, 2010

whispers in the dark

Ironic. I was quite surprised to be invited to a wedding today. That'll kick you in the nuts, mid-divorce. Especially when you remember every moment of your own. And then I made that face to myself where you may have just received an unusual piece of information, or you stuck your nose in a carton of rotten chocolate milk. In any case, imagine puzzlement. I didn't realize I knew anybody who would a) think to invite me to their wedding or b) would want me at their wedding. I learned my lesson about being taken on as a social liability. It never works out for the other person/s. Probably not wise to attend, although I do genuinely wish them better luck and love than I managed to muster. And I thought I nailed it.

It's hard not to write. My long windiness manifests in emails, unfortunately. Have you ever seen an 8 paragraph answer to a Yes or No question? I got one right here for you.

All hearings (even the "emergency" one) and trials are scheduled for March 5. Divorce is a long, painful death. Let me stress the long. And the painful. And the death.

Effecting a move out of this apartment is nothing short of annoyingly challenging. For obvious financial reasons, but also the available inventory in the neighborhood where we really need to be for the sake of close-to-school convenience is literally about 3 places that totally won't work. Tick tock. Wait wait. But I can't wait much longer. I have an immediate problem that necessitates an expedient, long term solution to my housing crisis. This:

(... any way you want it/that's the way you need it ...)

If you're leaving comments, not to worry, I'm getting them - both in the literal and the metaphoric. And I thank you all. I have no sense of who is or how many are still hanging on since I sent sitemeter the way of facebook and twitter ages ago, so I appreciate the hellos and all the tiger woods jokes.

no more typing for me; i never met a diet i couldn't break. otherwise, i'm quite fine.

how cute is bub?