Friday, February 19, 2010


financial mediation on monday.
trial's set for 3.3 if we don't work something out first.
skids are money.
i'm plotting and scheming.
the only thing i hate more than taking a hit is not making an attempt at a comeback.
still don't know what or who i will be when i grow up, but i'm not going to decide til after the divorce dust settles.

back to our newly scheduled cannabis programming.
i had a reader question about the newly minted New Jersey medical marijuana law, which actually is one of the suckiest cannabis acts on the books. stand by staci, and i'll explain why next. i have to dash off to attend to some unsavory post-nuptial hassles at my barrister's facilities. divorce. not recommended. cannabis on the otherhand, dot dot dot.

more to come.
you know i don't know how to stfu.


Staci M.W. said...

Thanks, D. You know I'll be here, faithfully. Sending lots of squishy hugs and hope to you & those darling babies....

Anonymous said...

New profile pic? I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy a little levity this morning.

Anonymous said...

watched aka tommy chong last night.